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Success Stories
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Michael Dandrea is an example of how it is never too late to earn your GED® test credential and change your life.  When Michael moved to Florida from Ohio in 2014, he left behind 17 years of employment with the same employer in the restaurant industry. He enjoyed working for his employer, but the pay was low and he’d achieved all he could ever hope to without his high school diploma.  He realized in order to get anywhere in life, he needed that diploma and some career-specific education.

Michael chose WTC for his GED® test preparation.  After being enrolled in the GED® test preparation class for two months, he passed the test.  In January 2015, Michael enrolled in WTC’s Automation and Production Technology program.  This 600-hour program instructs students in the essential skills they need to gain employment as technicians in a variety of manufacturing fields.  While Michael was enrolled, he also earned an industry certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council as a Certified Production Technician.  At the end of May 2015, Michael had completed his program.  By June 1st 2015, he secured employment with Stevenson Dental Technology, Inc. as a Digital Design and Manufacturing Technician.

Michael was recently nominated for and received recognition from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council as a Council "Student of the Month".  Read more information about the Manufacturing Skills Council and the recognition here:  

On returning to school, Michael says, “Going back to school at the age of 41 was intimidating to say the very least. Getting my GED® test credential, re-learning everything from my high school days I had been so far removed from, then enrolling in college directly after, was something I NEVER thought I would EVER do!  Needless to say my head was spinning. But anything worth having is worth working for, so don't let intimidation stop you.  Remember, courage is not a lack of fear but a mastery of it. So just go for it!”


WTC Adult Education Childcare

The Adult Education Childcare Center is intended to assist students at WTC in the completion of an Adult Education program that leads to post secondary training and employment.

Childcare is provided at no cost to the student. Parents must be actively enrolled in an Adult Education program and present in class when their children are in the childcare room.

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Start preparing for your career pathway and earn your high school diploma with our GED® test preparation classes, improve your adult basic education skills, or add English as a second language.

No matter when you left school, WTC can help you on a successful career pathway start. You will proceed with the help of teachers and staff who care about you and your success. Our courses will help you prepare to take the citizenship exam, learn English as a second language and/or help you prepare for the GED® test credential.

Once you determine your career pathway, our post-secondary training will provide you with the education you need in the areas of architecture/construction, public safety, business management/administration, health, human services, hospitality/tourism, information technology, manufacturing, and transportation.

Please call us at 352-726-2430 extension 4315. Our counselor and career advisors are available to assist you. Our instructors are eager to help you achieve your career goals.


Our GED® preparation program is available to those who do not have a high school diploma. This course provides individualized instruction in preparation for the GED® test and allows you to work at your own pace. The GED® preparation program includes the four subject areas measured on the GED® test:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Our GED® preparation program is designed to help you achieve your goal of furthering your education, open doors to further education, better employment, and a brighter future.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program prepares students to communicate competently in English in appropriate situations and perform in the skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with equal value placed on each. The ESOL Program is a language arts program which is competency based and provides instructional opportunities for adult students.

The Applied Academics for Adult Education (AAAE) program provides basic literacy skills for individuals who desire to improve their academic level, technical training, employment or citizenship. The program provides remediation based on the individual’s academic needs.

This program offers career assessment and advisement, career exploration, goal setting techniques, assistance with financial aid applications and scholarships, assistance in applying for admissions into technical institutes or college programs, academic skill building and tutoring if needed, study skills and test taking strategies, workshops to assist you with time & life management, budgeting your finances, organizational skills, and accessing resources.


Provide adult learners with educational opportunities and support services that will enable them to achieve their academic and career goals. Create an educational environment that respects individual and cultural differences.